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What candidates say about boscoverde.

Candidate references

Ivo Luijendijk

Experienced Payments Expert
Gert was a great help to me during my search for a new challenge in my career. Not only does he have an extensive network, he is also very willing and able to think beyond paper profiles and contracts in order to help his contacts get the position they want. I highly recommend Gert to anyone working or interested in working in the finance-IT industry.

Carl Maas

Sales director at Microsoft
The chemistry between me and Gert and the correct assessment about what I was looking for was a unique experience to me.

Coen Egberink

Commercial Director at Mint Solutions
“Have gained experience with Gert on both sides of the table. As a candidate a few years ago and recently we crossed paths again. Gert also found a number of good candidates for my current organization. Gert is a pleasant person to work with, a good listener and essentially interested in the individual possibilities of people and the business and this does not stop after an individual project. He likes to keep in touch contact and I appreciate that.“

Suzan van Rooijen

Account Director at Mirabeau

For me, Gert made a difference by being sincere to delve into my personality and motivations. Not only with words but especially with deeds, he went looking for a new awesome job and work environment. I found it a relief to work with Gert. Gert is “genuine”!

Marcel Ruijs

Sales Account Manager Profource
“To me professional and personal are synonymous for Gert. He practices the profession of Executive Search unparalleled. With an eye for detail, he monitored in a transparent way the interests of both the candidate and the client. This brings him to the best result for all parties. I therefore recommend Gert to those who want to do things decisively”

Kees Miedema

Salesmanager Everest

“The open, honest and clear communication at the right moments is what I appreciated most during the proces of finding a new job together with Gert.
It surely makes him authentic and unique in the world of headhunters and recruiters. Gert really does care about candidates and clients”.

Piet Duijvenvoorden

Delivery Director Wipro
I have been connected to Gert for almost 10 years now with more than 1 experience. Quick, professional, good follow up, the right feedback along the way and closing capabilities when needed. Gert Groenewoud goes the extra mile for me as an candidate and knows how to manage expectations at both sides.

Bas Damad

Salesdirector Solarwinds

As a candidate of Gert, I quickly found my ideal job. What is remarkable about Gert is that every option is offered with an eye for detail, guided and settled. I could present me as an interesting candidate in functions that were relevant to me. Honesty, speed and professionalism are things that I remember after my experience with Gert!

Rutger van den Berg

Account Director Atos
Open, honest, sincere, purposeful and perseverance are the characteristics that emerge if I would describe Gert. Gert listening carefully to your individual needs and translates them into jobs that best fit your personality and career path. For anyone who is looking for a new challenge, I would recommend Gert.

Debby Kappetijn

Account Manager at Interoute
After eight years with my first employer (Talk & Vision) filling various roles including sales / marketing / consulting, it was time for me to take the next step in my career. Gert Groenewoud has guided me in taking this step. More than half a year before the final decision we held several meetings to find out what type of job but also what organization would suit me. Gert has years of experience in the ICT industry and knows the ropes now. The introduction to Interoute has been a good estimation and I work there to this date as New Business Sales. If I may describe Gert in a few words: interested, loyal and he has knowledge of the facts! Gert is the only “headhunter” I have regular contact with it and with whom I would like to keep in touch.

Rebecca Huijgen

Sales at N-Able
Gert has given me the opportunity to give my career a huge boost at N-Able. He has a tremendously good sense of timing and feels why a job and company would be a good fit for a specific candidate. This is a unique feature, which is why I appreciate him very much.

Bert Waanders

Account Director at FIS

I actually think Gert is very modest about his success; I was perplexed by his effectiveness and adequacy.